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How To Care My E-Bike Battery?

How To Care My E-Bike Battery?

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This brief  guide describes how to properly and safely use your E-Bike’s storage battery.Understanding and following this information will help you and your  Electric Bike (E-Bike)  avoid injury and damage.
First of all note that  modifying the parts of your e-bike in any way may make your vehicle  unsafe. Any modification of your frame, fork, or  electric components including the storage battery  means that your bike no longer meets  the mfr. specifications and will therefore void the warranty.
Always use the correct charger for recharging your battery.Try to  keep the  battery out of the cold whilst not riding the bike, but preferably in a cool place inside. Although  the battery is prefectly  sealed ,remember  not to get your battery too wet.
As you may well know,compact Lead-Acid type storage batteries are widely used.When receiving the battery from new, give it a long time charge , run it flat, and then give it another full charge.In case of any doubts,refer the instruction notes printed on the battery. In common  use, try to make sure the battery is fully charged, whether preparing for a ride or for the  storage.
Allowing the battery to fully discharge frequently will shorten the lifespan of the battery. So try and work out the milege you get from each charge and plan your ride to allow for a little power to be left in the battery. If possible, always leave the battery on charge for the full duration – don’t unplug it half way through.
If storing the battery for in idle state for  a long time, make sure it is fully charged, kept in a cool place inside, and top up the charge every 30 to 60 days.Although every battery will slowly age whether used or not,this  step will decrease the aging process of the battery. When returning to regular use, give the battery another long charge to prepare it for regular use.
More Information about E-Bikes can be found at : http://hubpages.com/profile/T.K.Hareendran

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